Our Mission

Joyner Law started with the singular purpose of allowing greater access to legal representation. Lawyers are expensive, but they don’t need to be. Joyner Law’s primary focus is our clients, not our bottom line. We believe that everyone should have access to excellent, affordable representation.

With that in mind, we started out to achieve that goal. From streamlined operations to leaner, more competent staff, we take our cost advantage very seriously. This allows us to serve each and every client with the level of representation they deserve at a reasonable rate.

Once you make the decision to hire us to represent you, your focus should be on your case and your defense, not on financial considerations.

Our Focus

We are Virginia Criminal and Traffic Defense Attorneys. That’s it. We’re not general practitioners juggling our criminal or traffic cases with a personal injury docket or worrying about family law cases while we’re preparing to take your case to trial. We spend 100% of our time and focus on criminal and traffic defense.

We don’t represent clients in those types of cases because we’d rather be great at one thing: defending our clients in Virginia criminal and traffic defense cases. Criminal and traffic defense in Virginia can be complex, and to be the best we can be for you and your case requires diligent focus on criminal and traffic defense to hone our craft.

You can learn more about what we do by checking our  Practice Areas page or by  contacting us today.

Our Goals

We fully understand and appreciate the trust and the gravity of the relationship we have with all of our clients and we’re not happy if you’re not happy. We strive to be the best criminal and traffic defense attorneys in Virginia, but to do that we focus on both the outcome of your case, and your well-being outside of it. Client satisfaction is an enormous driver for us and the responsibility of the trust you give us when you make the decision to be represented by Joyner Law is not one we take lightly.

Our Mission is more than a declaration of purpose; it defines our values and drives our day-to-day decisions. People need good lawyers when faced with a criminal offense or serious traffic violation in Virginia and they need them to be accessible. Give us a call, we’re here to help.

Our goal is simple: we want the best possible outcome for you, above all else.

Our Fees

We don’t do the “hourly rate” model here. We charge an affordable flat rate for virtually all of our services and we believe that cost shouldn’t be prohibitive for top quality legal representation.

We offer completely free consultations for all criminal and traffic defense cases and will always give you a quote for what the entirety of how much our fees will be before you hire us and we’ll give that to you in writing.

 We don’t want you to make a hasty decision about who you’ll trust to represent you in your criminal or traffic case. We want you to make an informed one and we’ll do everything we can to give you the information you’ll need to appropriately prepare for your case.

Also, everything we discuss, including the fact that you even reached out to us, is completely confidential. Risk free means there’s no obligation to hire us at the end of the consultation, there’s no cost to reach out, and everything we discuss is completely privileged.

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