How the Process Works

From the moment you decide to give us a call to the final resolution of your case, this is how your case will be handled from beginning to end.

Give Us A Call

The first step is to identify that you need a criminal and traffic defense attorney and reach out. We know it can be scary, but calling us is completely free for a no obligation consultation to fully evaluate your case.

Contact UsStep One

Free Consultation

When you call, you'll speak with one of our experienced criminal and traffic defense attorneys about your case. 

We'll thoroughly discuss your case and determine if we're a good match to represent you. Not all cases need an attorney, and we'll be up front and honest in assessing your case and whether hiring us is a good decision for you.

FAQsStep Two

What We'll Provide Whether You Hire Us or Not

After the call, we'll send you an email within minutes giving you detailed instruction on what you need to do to move forward, as well helpful information to obtain any documents or evidence we may need from you.

Whether you hire us then, or decide to do more due diligence in finding the right attorney fit for you, we'll provide you with information you'll need to best prepare your defense.

Step Three

What We'll Need From You

Once you've made the decision to hire us, you can submit your payment for the representation through our convenient and secure payment portal, upload any documents through our Document Upload tool, and we'll take it from there.

ResourcesStep Four

Beginning the Representation

Once we're retained, we'll handle all of the communication with the court. We will notify the court that we have been retained to represent you as soon as we're hired, prepare your file for court, do any necessary legal research to make sure no stone is left unturned, contact any necessary witnesses, file any necessary discovery requests, and we'll keep you up-to-date along every step of the way.

Step Five

Case Development

Whether it's new updates from the court, scheduling changes, developments in your case, or any other change, we'll notify you promptly to make sure you're never left in the dark about what's going on with your case or wondering what we're doing to make sure you're receiving the best possible defense for your criminal or traffic case.

Practice AreasStep Six

Your Court Date

We will represent you in court (often we can appear for you so you don't have to appear) and make sure you get the absolute best outcome possible for your case.

We're in court everyday fighting for our clients and you can rest assured that we're upholding our promise to you: representing you the way you expect and deserve.

JurisdictionsStep Seven

After Court

If we appeared on your behalf, we'll send you a Closing Letter outlining the result of your case and making sure you know exactly what happened in court and what steps, if any, are required of you moving forward.

If you were in court with us, we'll make sure you fully understood everything that happened, recap what the judge's decision was, and make sure you are comfortable and happy with the outcome.

We'll also go over important deadlines with you. If there are any fines or court costs involved, you'll need to know how much and when they're due. If there is something the judge asked you to do after court, we'll make sure you have all necessary information to successfully comply, and if you want to appeal the case we'll go over that option as well as the timing involved in formally making that decision.

Step Eight

Follow Up

Emails get lost, filtered into your Spam Folder, or otherwise missed. We don't want technology getting in the way of clear communication so we'll follow up with you by phone if we don't hear back from you to make sure all of your questions are answered and there are no other concerns you have about your case.

Step Nine

Maintaining the Relationship

While we hope it never happens, we're always here to help out in the event you ever need anything else from us.

We hope the relationships we build with our clients are long lasting. For many of our clients, we're the first - and often only - experience they have with a lawyer and we want to make it a positive one.

If you ever need anything else from us, we're always a phone call or email away. We often can be a jumping off point for all of your legal concerns. While we focus 100% of our energy on defending our clients in criminal and traffic cases, we are well connected in the legal community in Virginia and can make sure to help point you in the right direction for all of your legal needs.

TestimonialsStep Ten

Let's Get Started

We're ready to help you with whatever you have been charged with. Give us a call and we'll get to work right away with a no obligation, free consultation.

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