With plenty of high-speed roadways in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, there are numerous opportunities for officers to ticket speeding offenders. You can be charged with general speeding or reckless driving by speed. Whichever the case, you should consult a speeding ticket attorney, before you can do anything else. The speeding ticket lawyer will evaluate the charges you are facing and then advise you on the best way forward. If you have been charged with speeding in Dinwiddie County, contact us today. We are here to provide all the legal assistance you may need, regarding your speeding ticket.

Speeding Offenses in Virginia

Speeding violations in Dinwiddie County, Virginia are very serious. They range from simple traffic infractions that don’t have serious impacts, to serious charges that carry severe penalties. However, you need to understand the distinction between a normal speeding ticket and reckless driving by speed. If you are driving at 19 mph above the posted speed limit or lower speed, then you will receive a normal speeding ticket. Once you receive that ticket, you have two options. First, you can pre-pay the ticket via mail. Pre-paying the fine is an admission of guilt. While it might appear convenient to accept that you were speeding and pay the fine, you might regret this decision later. An accumulation of driving tickets leads to demerit points. If you accumulate a certain number of demerit points within a calendar year, then you might lose your driving privileges. You can also be charged with reckless driving by speed. Reckless driving by speed is when you are driving at 20 mph over the posted speed limit. You can also be charged with reckless driving by speed for driving at 80 mph over the posted speed limit. You should also note that normal speeding is a considered as a traffic infraction while reckless driving is a Class 1 misdemeanor offense.

Penalties for Speeding in Dinwiddie County

Distraction on the road and ignorance of the posted speed limits are among the common factors for speeding tickets. Most drivers also assume that speeding will just lead to a mere traffic ticket, which they can pre-pay and continue with their lives. However, in Virginia, it is common for speeding violations to escalate to criminal charges. If you were caught speeding at 20 mph above the posted speed limit, then you are no longer in the category of normal speeding. Instead, you will face reckless driving charges. Fines are the most common penalties handed out to speeding offenders. However, if it is a case of reckless driving by speed, then you should be ready for a potential jail term and suspension of driving privileges, on top of the fine. The maximum fine you can receive is $2,500. It is upon the discretion of the judge to decide the actual amount of fine to hand out to offenders. Most of the judges use the mph exceeded to determine the fine. A reckless driving by speed conviction also comes with a permanent criminal record. A criminal record may jeopardize numerous opportunities including education, employment, and financial assistance. Also, your criminal record will always show up during security clearances. This means you might be unable to secure vital documents such as passports, due to your criminal record. In addition to that, if you are a commercial driver, a reckless driving conviction can signal the end of your career. A CDL holder charged with reckless driving can loss normal driving privileges. When this happens, you will not be in a position to drive a commercial vehicle. If you are arrested while driving with a suspended or revoked license, then you face felony charges instead. There is also the issue of increase in insurance premiums. Once you have been convicted of reckless driving, your insurance provider may consider you as a high-risk client. Therefore, the insurance company might increase the amount you pay for motor vehicle insurance, to cover those risks.

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It is clear that no one can afford to take reckless driving charges lightly. You will require to contact Dinwiddie County VA speeding ticket attorneys as soon as possible. At Joyner Law PLLC, we are here to provide you with all the legal assistance that you may require during the trial. We fully understand the seriousness of the charges that you are facing, and their damaging consequences in your life if convicted. We are here to make sure you get a fair hearing. We know that you might be feeling confused as to how a routine traffic stop ended up to criminal charges. As your experienced criminal defense attorneys, we are committed to securing a positive result in your case, based on the circumstances. We are ready to present a solid defense during your case. If you are from another state and you were just traveling through Virginia for business or leisure, then you will face the same charges as the residents. It might be difficult to understand these charges, especially if such violations are treated as traffic infractions in your home state. However, we are here for you. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and waste countless hours traveling to Virginia every time there is a hearing. We will be your representatives in court. We will keep you updated regarding the progress in your case. We will not make any move that you are not comfortable with. At Joyner Law PLLC, we have your best interests at heart. As much as every case is unique, our accomplished reckless driving lawyers have a proven success record. It doesn’t matter whether it is a normal speeding ticket or reckless driving charges, we will use our skills, experience and resources to defend your rights in court, in the best way possible. Experience counts when it comes to criminal cases. Having handled hundreds of speeding cases before, we know how to go about the process, how to present a defense, and the questions to ask during cross-examination. Contact us today.

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It is not a good move for anyone charged with speeding to try and represent yourself in court. The traffic laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia are complex. Furthermore, there is too much at stake. Whether you have received a normal speeding ticket or you are facing reckless driving charges, talk to our Dinwiddie County reckless driving attorneys to defend you. Contact our office today and schedule a free appointment.