In Goochland County, like the rest of Virginia, law enforcement officers are always on the lookout for drivers violating speeding rules. Being charged with excessive speed is not something you should take lightly. In Virginia, some speeding violations are so serious that they are treated as criminal offenses. One of those is reckless driving by speed. A conviction for these speeding offenses can cost you thousands of dollars in fines, and even curtail your freedom. You might also lose your job upon license suspension, especially if you drive for a living. As you can see, you need quality legal representation, when it comes to fighting speeding tickets. You can expect the law enforcement officers to come prepared when the matter proceeds to trial. Therefore, you equally require the finest Goochland County VA speeding ticket attorneys to defend you in court. We understand that every speeding ticket is unique. We will, therefore, explore the most appropriate solution to secure a successful outcome for our clients. You cannot afford to ignore the seriousness of these charges. With Virginia having some of the toughest speeding laws in the country, you can easily end up with a criminal conviction, which can alter the course of your life negatively forever. The attorneys at Joyner Law PLLC are committed to protecting your rights, providing legal representation and defending you aggressively in court. Contact us today and let’s start working on your speeding ticket charges right away.

Speeding Tickets in Goochland County

Speed is one of the most violated among traffic rules in Virginia. As much as there are speed signs all over the highways, you might not notice them due to distraction or lack of attention. In Virginia, speeding tickets are divided into two categories. There is general speeding and reckless driving by speed. If you have been issued a general speeding ticket, then it’s not mandatory to appear in court. However, If it’s a case of reckless driving by speed, then you must appear in court at a certain date indicated on the ticket. Reckless driving by speed refers to traveling at 20 mph above the posted speed limit or driving at 80 mph regardless of the posted speed limit. You can also be charged with reckless driving by speed if you are deemed to be driving too slowly and thus limiting normal traffic flow.

Penalties for Speeding Violations

The penalties for speeding tickets depend on the violation. If you are issued a standard speeding ticket, then you can pre-pay the fine. However, that move comes with demerit points on your driving record. If you are charged with reckless driving by speed, then you are facing a Class 1 misdemeanor criminal offense. The penalties for this offense include heavy fines, suspension of driving privileges and a possible jail term. You will also be required to complete a driver improvement course. Apart from the administrative and legal consequences, a reckless driving by speed conviction carries a permanent criminal record, which can jeopardize your future opportunities in housing, education, and employment.

Experienced Speeding Ticket Attorneys

The legal experts at Joyner Law PLLC are specialists when it comes to speeding tickets. We have a proven record of accomplishment, which spans many decades. We have helped hundreds of clients avoid the negative consequences of speeding tickets in their lives. Our well-respected, highly qualified Goochland County VA speeding ticket attorneys are your best option whenever you have been issued a speeding ticket. At Joyner Law PLLC, we will work tirelessly to secure a positive conclusion in your case. Motorists all over Goochland County and throughout Virginia know our firm as the premier speeding ticket attorneys. When you come for your free consultation, we will assess your speeding ticket, as well as all the factors surrounding your citation. We will then offer the most appropriate solution, based on the unique circumstances of your case. If it’s a local speeding ticket, we can advise you to pay the fine, take a defensive driving course or even take the matter to court, if we are convinced the ticket was issued erroneously. Our primary concern is securing a positive outcome in your case. We will use all the resources and tools available to pursue the ticket aggressively.

Our hardworking traffic defense attorneys have a well-known reputation of protecting the rights of those charged with speeding offenses, and defending their rights in court. We have established a smooth working relationship with the patrol officers, the district attorney, and the court officials. As much as we don’t guarantee any results, we will draw upon this familiarity to craft persuasive strategies that can lead to positive results. We can also use our good working relationships with these officials to negotiate a favorable plea agreement, thus reducing the consequences of a conviction for our clients. You can always count on our team of aggressive Goochland County VA speeding ticket lawyers, to be honest in our evaluation of the case. If we feel the most appropriate solution is to pay the ticket, then we will advise you accordingly. If we feel that we have enough evidence to prove the ticket is defective, then we will fight the ticket in court. Our goal is to ensure your interests are well catered for and you are advised on the most appropriate solution. We can only help you with your speeding ticket if you reach out to us. Contact us today and let’s review your case. The sooner you contact us, the better since we will have ample time to assess the ticket.

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Being charged with speeding offenses can lead to serious penalties and leave you with more problems than you can imagine. Apart from the legal and administrative penalties, a conviction for speeding violations such as reckless driving by speed comes with a permanent criminal record. Even if you might not have committed the offense intentionally, the law applies equally. Therefore, you will need an experienced and skilled speeding ticket attorney to defend you in court against these serious consequences. At Joyner Law PLLC, we will use our knowledge, competence, and experience to secure an outcome that you can live with. If you have been issued with a speeding ticket, you need the best speeding ticket attorneys. Contact Joyner Law PLLC today and speak with one of our seasoned attorneys.