The roadways crisscrossing Hanover County are always under heavy patrol by the Hanover Police Department and State Paratroopers while the Sheriff’s Department patrols the remainder of the county. With such a heavy presence of law enforcement officers, it’s easy to be issued with a speeding ticket, even when you exceed the allowed limits by a marginal fraction. As much as speeding tickets appear as minor traffic infractions, they can lead to serious problems, especially when you are charged with reckless driving by speed. If you have received a speeding ticket anywhere in Hanover County, Virginia, we are ready to help in your case. We work regularly with motorists who have been issued speeding tickets in the county. Speeding tickets can prove costly, both now and in the future. Apart from fines, the majority of convictions related to speeding tickets can lead to increased insurance premiums. Furthermore, you will end up with demerit points against your driving license. Also, an accumulation of too many demerit points can lead to a suspension of driving privileges. While most people think they cannot successfully challenge a speeding ticket, various defense options are effective. With the help of experienced Hanover County VA speeding ticket attorneys, you can use these defenses to minimize the consequences of a conviction on your life.

Speeding Offenses in Hanover County

Speeding offenses in Hanover County vary from traffic infractions to misdemeanor offenses. Exceeding the posted limit by 1 to 19 mph will lead to a general speeding ticket. However, if you were caught speeding at 20 mph above the posted speed limit or 80 mph regardless of the posted speed limit, then you will be charged with reckless driving by speed. These rules also apply to out-of-state drivers. Speeding tickets are among the most common traffic citations in Hanover County. Speeding tickets in Hanover County, Virginia, can be expensive and expensive. They can also lead to criminal charges. With such a high number of officers on patrol, there is a high risk of being issued with a speeding ticket, if you exceed the posted speed limit even by a single mph. The officers who issue speeding tickets are professionals. Therefore, you need to contact skilled ticket attorneys to handle the matter.

Penalties for Speeding in Hanover County

The penalties for speeding handed for speeding offenses depend on the extent of the violation. If you are convicted of general speeding, then fines are the normal penalties. Three to six demerit points will also be assessed against your driving license. An accumulation of 18 demerit points within 12 months will lead to a suspension of your driving license. If you have been charged with reckless driving by speed, then the penalties are severe. They include fines of up to $2,500, loss of driving privileges, a potential jail term and increase in insurance premiums. A conviction also comes with a criminal record, without a provision for expungement.

Experienced Speeding Ticket Attorneys

Being stopped by police in Hanover County VA for speeding is always inconveniencing and frustrating. Before you settle the issue, you will have already lost some valuable time, which you may never recover. Furthermore, you will have to part with some money to pay the fine. Majority of those issued with speeding tickets opt to pay the fine and then proceeding with their journey. However, you are not always guilty of the offense. In fact, you might be paying some fines that you don’t deserve. For example, you might be charged with speeding, even when you were just flowing with the traffic. You might also be rushing to take care of an emergency. Due to such situations, it is always advisable to hire competent Hanover County VA speeding ticket attorneys. Whether you were guilty or not, you increase chances of having the ticket dismissed, if you challenge it aggressively. More than 90% of people issued with speeding tickets prefer pre-paying them, whether the ticket was deserved or erroneous. What they don’t know is that pre-paying the ticket is an admission of guilt. That act alone can lead to increase in insurance premiums, hefty fines, and black marks on the driving record. It is therefore advisable to hire a speeding ticket attorney, who will help to fight the charges. Some people avoid hiring a traffic attorney on the assumption that it is an expensive affair. However, at Joyner Law PLLC, our rates are reasonable. Most of our fees are lower than the speeding ticket you are facing. Therefore, if we fight your ticket successfully, you will end up spending considerably lower than the ticket. You also need to note that, as much as pre-paying the ticket appears as the most convenient thing to do, it might lead to serious consequences in future. On the other hand, with the help of accomplished speeding ticket attorneys such as those at Joyner Law PLLC, you can fight the ticket successfully, thus settling the matter for good. In addition, our speeding ticket attorneys have a thorough understanding of the law. We will fight for your rights and ensure you get a fair hearing during the case. If you have been pulled over and charged with speeding in Hanvoer County, you can always turn to us, and we will represent your best interests.

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