If you have been issued with a speeding ticket in Henrico County, Virginia, you should remember that you have the option of fighting it. Our speeding ticket attorneys can help you to fight the ticket. We will help you to explore the legal options available and help you to negotiate with the officers and prosecutors to have the charges dismissed or reduced. Although the outcome of every speeding case is determined by unique circumstances, we will use our knowledge to try to minimize the consequences and negotiate a positive resolution. Before you pay your ticket, talk to our speeding ticket attorneys about your legal options.

Speeding Violations in Henrico County

In Henrico County, Virginia, you can either be charged with general speeding or reckless driving by speed. As much as the two offenses appear similar, they are quite different in many aspects. First, general speeding in Henrico County is a situation where you are driving at 10 to 19 mph, above the posted speed limit. General speeding is a minor traffic infraction, which is penalized via fines and demerit points. Reckless driving by speed, on the other hand, is a Class 1 criminal misdemeanor offense. It requires one to appear in court on a specific date, as indicated on the ticket.

If you have never received a speeding ticket before, then you may end up confusing the two. For example, you might assume that a reckless driving by speed is just like a normal speeding ticket, and therefore miss a court date. Once you fail to appear in court, a warrant of arrest will be issued against you. In Henrico County and throughout Virginia, driving at 20 mph above the posted speed limit or traveling at 80 mph regardless of the allowed speed limit amounts to reckless driving.

Unlike a normal speeding ticket, reckless driving by speed carries heavy penalties, which include a potential prison sentence, hefty fines as well as a suspended driving license. Due to these circumstances, you need to consult Henrico County VA speeding ticket attorneys immediately you have been issued with a speeding ticket. The speeding ticket attorneys will interpret the ticket for you and then advise you on the way forward. Some people use radar detectors in their vehicles, in an attempt to avoid speeding tickets. These detectors will then alert then when there is a radar gun in the vicinity. However, you need to note that it is illegal to have these detectors in your vehicle, when they are operational or not.

Speeding Penalties Henrico County

The penalties for speeding tickets in Virginia range from minor to severe. If it was a case of normal speeding, then you will end up with a fine. Most people rush to pay these fines, thinking that the charges will go away, once they do that. However, that is not the case in Virginia. Paying the fine is an admission of guilt. A speeding ticket will remain on your record for at least six months. Furthermore, you will also end up with 3 to 6 demerit points, which can affect your insurance rates. If you have been charged with reckless driving by speed, then you are in for serious penalties. A conviction due to reckless driving by speed carries severe penalties like a possible jail term, suspension of driving privileges and heavy fines. Most people fear reckless driving charges, due to the issue of a prison sentence. As much as jail term is not a common penalty, you can still end up behind bars, especially when your speeding actions resulted in the death of another road user. Fines remain the most common type of punishment given to offenders. For reckless driving, the maximum fine amount is $2,500. Each court uses certain informal criteria to determine the exact fine amount. Most courts use $6 for every mph exceeded. For example, if the posted speed limit on a highway is 30 and you were caught driving at 70 mph, then you will end up with a fine of $240, in addition to court costs. Apart from fines, a reckless driving conviction carries a permanent criminal record. With a permanent criminal record, it is almost impossible to land a lucrative job and educational opportunities, even if you are highly qualified. Your criminal record will be the first thing that potential employers would use to disqualify you or deny you the opportunity. Furthermore, a criminal record will also affect security clearances. If you are applying for a government contract, then you will have to undergo security clearances. During those clearances, a background check will be conducted, thus revealing your criminal record. As you can see, you cannot afford to take speeding tickets lightly. You need to work with experienced Henrico County VA speeding ticket attorneys to handle the case.

Experienced Henrico County Speeding Ticket Attorneys

When it comes to speeding tickets, you can end up with normal speeding charges or reckless driving by speed charges. Whether it is a normal speeding ticket or reckless driving by speed charges, you need to consult traffic attorneys as soon as possible. As noted earlier, reckless driving by speed is not the same as a normal speeding ticket. It carries severe and serious consequences, which can change your life forever if convicted. At Joyner Law PLLC, we understand the severity of the charges you are facing, and the damage they can cause in your life. We are committed to protecting your rights during the trial and ensure you are comfortable, during these trying moments. The advantages of hiring skilled Henrico County VA, speeding ticket attorneys are many. First, you will be working with someone who has handled similar cases before. As much as we can’t guarantee results, we know exactly how to maneuver the complex legal environment. We will also use our experience to pursue a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

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