Whether it’s a speeding ticket, a felony or a misdemeanor offense, the lawyers you choose to represent you play a significant role towards the outcome of your case. At Joyner Law PLLC, we are a law firm that believes that every individual facing a criminal offense deserves the best legal representation at an affordable fee. Once you retain us, we only have one goal – to get the most favorable outcome for your case. We have represented a wide range of clients, traffic violations like speeding tickets to serious felonies. If you are looking for a legal team that will be by your side from the initial consultation throughout the trial, then you should consider the attorneys at Joyner Law.

No one is immune from the judicial and legal processes in Virginia. Even the most careful people will at some point, find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Therefore, if you are ever charged with any violation in Virginia, from traffic tickets to criminal cases, then you should hire an experienced lawyer to represent you. Even those offenses that appear minor can have far-reaching consequences on your personal and professional life. Regardless of the charges that you are facing, we are here to help. Having worked in this area for many years, we have gathered the necessary experience required to handle different cases. Let us be your legal counsel and representatives, and you can rest assured we will handle your case with the attention it deserves.


Speeding is a common traffic infraction in Southampton County, VA. There are high chances that you have already been pulled over by traffic police for speeding, at some point in your life. However, when you are speeding at 20 mph above the posted speed limit, then your traffic violation escalates to reckless driving. Southampton County, VA lawyers, can help you to fight your speeding tickets. Being pulled over for speeding is always an inconvenience. Most people prefer pre-paying the fine so that they can proceed to wherever they were going. Although that might appear like a convenient move at the moment, it can lead to serious consequences in future. A pile-up of traffic infractions can lead to suspension of your driving privileges, which can affect your life significantly, especially if you use your car every day. At Joyner PLLC law firm, we have the skills and resources to defend you in court and ensure your rights are protected during the trial. Although we can’t guarantee any outcome, we can promise to harness our resources, experience, and skills to enable us to craft a comprehensive defensive strategy for your case. Contact us today and let’s use that experience to protect your constitutional rights.

Reckless Driving

With the possibility of spending time in jail, thousands of dollars in fines, and a permanent criminal record that comes with a reckless driving conviction, you need to protect yourself against these consequences by hiring experienced reckless driving lawyer in Southampton County VA. They will assess your case carefully to build a solid defense. Reckless driving charges can easily accumulate demerit points against your driver’s record, which can lead to revocation and suspension of your driving privileges. Instead of pleading guilty to a criminal charge, the lawyers at Joyner PLLC can work to minimize the penalties or even have the charges dismissed, thus avoiding the permanent criminal record that comes with a conviction. While we don’t promise any particular outcome in a case, we can confidently use our experience to ensure our clients get a positive outcome in the case. If you have been convicted of a serious offense like reckless driving, your freedom, finances, reputation and even future opportunities are on the line. A criminal conviction can jeopardize your future opportunities in education and employment. At Joyner PLLC, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and your livelihood, by ensuring you get a fair hearing in the trial. You cannot afford to go to a reckless driving trial, without legal representation. Contact our law firm today so that we can schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Driving Under the Influence

A DUI charge in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a criminal offense. A conviction, therefore, carries severe penalties. Such penalties can not only affect your criminal record, but they will also have negative effects on your education and employment. Once you have been charged with DUI, you need to hire experienced Southampton County VA lawyers, who have handled such cases before. You should never go for the hearing without first consulting a DUI lawyer. Apart from that, it is important to hire an attorney who understands the local judicial process. DUI cases are often complex since they involve technical and scientific evidence. Without the right legal representation, you can be easily intimidated by the processes. It will, therefore, be in your best interest to hire trustworthy and competent lawyers, who will treat your case with the urgency it deserves. At Joyner PLLC, we offer professional counsel, as well as aggressive defense, against a DUI charge. Whether it’s your first offense or a subsequent one, we will use our experience and skills to ensure a positive result depending on the circumstances.

Criminal Cases

A criminal investigation or charge can be a frightening and intimidating affair. The situation is even worse if you have never been in that situation before. First, you are not even sure how to proceed with the case. Secondly, you are afraid that you might end up in prison, which will affect your career, lifestyle, or your relationships with friends and family. As you can see, it is one of the toughest moments in your life. During such a situation, you need a criminal defense lawyer, who values you as a person, and not just any other case number. Most defense attorneys in Southampton County, Virginia wait until the first hearing to start working on your case. Others may wait for police reports and criminal complaints before they can start working. Such moves are counterproductive. At Joyner PLLC law firm, we believe that good preparation is key when it comes to all cases. In short, we don’t have time to waste in preparing a defense for your case. In the same spirit, we advise people facing criminal charges to contact us immediately. Once you do that, we will have sufficient time to evaluate the evidence presented against you and assess viable defense strategies. We also use this time to determine the most appropriate course of action to pursue, whether to have the charges minimized or better yet dismissed.

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